We don't sell printing - we make it easy for our customers buy printing.
Even Google, the largest internet advertising firm in the world, uses direct mail to drive traffic to their website.
Print is still the gold standard of marketing.
DigiPrint has deep experience in helping you to promote your firm.

Breaking News!

DigiPrint is moving! For over 18 years DigiPrint has called McDougall Street home. Well, it's time for a change! On November 28th 2014, we are moving to 2490 Central Avenue in Windsor. For customers who vist us virtually by email and phone, nothing is changing. if you'd like to pop by the new place to say hello, we'd love to show you around! The new location is more "central" for many of our customers, and gives us additional opportunities.

We'll be just as pleasant and just as hassle-free in the new place, so drop by for a visit. Here's a photo of the new place to help you find us a little easier.new place

Welcome to DigiPrint

You can trust us with your printing. One of the most important business decisions you’ll make is choosing a printer. We’re friendly, fast, and know how to save you money. Few businesses that try us go back to their original printer. Here are a few reasons why our customers have made DigiPrint their choice.

We're a local firm...

And we are not a franchise. We have 1 location, worldwide! We pay taxes in Windsor, we stregthen the local economy, and we support other local firms. Think globally, print locally.

...with nice employees...

Our customers often tell us how unusual it is to be treated so kindly. Our friendly, eager employees consistently demonstrate an attitude that lets you know we're glad you chose us.

...driven by quality...

We’ve received many awards in printing competitions, both on a local and international level. We think our customers deserve the best. We love producing a high-quality product - it’s really that simple!


If a defective job should ever get through our quality control system, we will redo it. We want you to be happy that you selected DigiPrint to be your printer!

About DigiPrint

DigiPrint has been a leader in the Windsor printing industry for over 25 years. We love to print, and it shows!

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